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The only basketball training program designed to quickly develop your dribble skills using a tool
developed by a pro basketball player, Luke Lloyd!
Luke Lloyd
  • Perfect Your Dribble

    Dribble Stick Training is a proven revolutionary basketball training system that is designed to perfect your dribble, increase your agility, and build one’s confidence!

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  • Revolutionary

    It combines the use of the SKLZ Dribble Stick and an exclusive, proven video training series that is fun, energetic, and easy to follow.

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  • Versatile Training Tool

    After playing collegiate and professional basketball, the Dribble Stick was invented by Professional Basketball Trainer, Luke Lloyd.

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Immediate Feedback

  • Sticks are flexible and accurately mimic a defenders arms
  • Arms provide immediate feedback if you fail to dribble correctly
  • Adjustable arms allow for multiple drills and game situations
  • Use in the driveway, gym, garage, or basement
  • Practice 365 days a year now!

Great For All Ages

  • Training hundreds of athletes, Luke Lloyd has developed a step by step video training system that is hands down the fastest way to master the dribble
  • Multiple training videos for the beginner or expert athlete
  • Includes stationary moves, agility training, and game situations
  • These training videos are used by youth and even the pros!

What is a Dribble Stick?

Want to learn what all the buzz is about?

Hear what Dribble Stick inventor, Coach Luke, has to say about why the Dribble Stick Training System is so successful in helping players improve their game!

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