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Premier Basketball Training in Helinski, Finland

Are you a basketball coach or athlete living in Helinski, Finland? Dribble Sticks is a basketball training system available to basketball players in Helinski, Finland. Our instructional basketball program is proven to revolutionize your basketball game and improve your basketball skills. Dribble sticks is designed to improve player development; by working on ball handling, dribbling, shooting, core strength and basketball fundamentals. Our unique basketball program is based on a one of a kind ball handling system that can be used for both individual basketball training and team basketball training.

Helinski is located in Uusimaa Region located in Southern, Finland. Not only is it the country's largest city but it is also the capital of Finland. Helinski has a metropolitan population of 1.4 million people. Helinski is (along with the rest of Finland) has a huge emphasis on sports. Helinski even hosted the 1940's Olympics. Like most towns in Finland, it is sometimes difficult to find a basketball trainer to work with you on your individual needs as an athlete and/or your team and their specific needs. Dribble Sticks is your answer. Not only do we have a mobile app to help you with exclusive basketball content and basketball videos we also have basketball training camps and basketball clinics to help you become the best athlete you can be. 
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